Solar Opposites was a 2020 summer favorite. An instant, binge-able hit, there was no doubt it would be picked up for more seasons. And, folks, that time has come! Here’s everything we know so far about Solar Opposites season 2.

1. Release date: March 26 

Solar Opposites season 2 is coming to Hulu on March 26. That marks less than a year after we got the first season, which is a pretty quick turnaround. Guess they knew we all needed something good in our lives right now!

There will be 8 episodes, all coming out at once. Perfect for binging over the weekend.

2. The pupa is pink!

Pink pupa in solar opposites season 2.

We’re sure the pupa changing colors means something, but we don’t know what just yet. And Terry and Korvo don’t either. 

Near the end of season 1, the pupa turned a pretty shade of orange. This was clearly concerning to Korvo as he pointed out the pupa is supposed to be Pantone 101C. They ponder whether this is the “first step to total annihilation.”

Well, the pupa is now pink, and they haven’t been annihilated yet, so I guess we’ll just have to wait until March to find out what’s up with the color change.

3. Korvo is still desperate to leave Earth. The others are not.

Yumyulak, Terry, and Jesse in solar opposites season 2.

Ever since they crash landed, Korvo has been oh so eager to get off this “sh*thole planet.” We know from the first season that he’s the only one who really cares about fixing the ship. According to the season 2 trailer, the fruits of his labor finally pay off as they prepare for launch.

4. But, they’re not going anywhere any time soon

Okay so maybe they don’t reach the launch point. Instead, it seems they burn down their neighbors house and maybe their neighbor as well. 

5. There’s going to be more wall content

The creators have already said that they’ve got a wall episode planned out for season 2. And they’ve even got ideas extending through future seasons to keep the plot going. 

As one of the creators Mike McMahan said, “second season, the same wall, same characters, same timeline.” It’ll pick up where we left off. With Duke on the loose, and Tim in a questionable position of power, there’s no telling what’ll happen.

6. Old characters are making a reappearance 

The side characters from season 1 weren’t just a one-time deal. McMahan pointed out that Nanobot Man (season 1 episode 2) and the Red Goobler (season 1 episode 4) are still out there somewhere. “We aren’t just leaving those hanging; we are seeing where those characters are again.”

Whatever the Red Goobler has been up to, we’re pretty sure he’s not coming back with an olive branch.

7. There are new characters too

The season 2 poster shows some new critters we haven’t seen before. There happens to be an alien cat the same color as Terry (did he come from Schlorp, or was Terry turned into a cat?) and also a basset hound. We hope that means Terry and Korvo finally got the kiddos a dog.

new animals in solar opposites season 2.

8. Are clocks a theme?

The poster also has a smattering of clocks. This makes us wonder if something is up with time in this season, maybe time travel? They’re all set to 10:10, but we have no idea if that’s significant in any way. 

McMahan has said that “the stories with the family, with the aliens, are even funnier and even crazier” in season 2. Mark your calendars for March 26, and be sure to keep this Solar Opposites drinking game handy!

On another note, we can’t wait to find out what Terry’s t-shirts will say this season. We’ve got a page of all his funny shirts from season 1, and we’ll definitely update it with the new ones.

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