Something mysterious is lurking in the castle, and once again it’s up to our favorite trio to save the day! Drink along with Harry, Ron, and Hermione as they navigate the new challenges of house elves, giant spiders, flying cars, complicated potions, and more in this Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Drinking Game.

Drink Recommendation: Polyjuice Potion Cocktail

Alright so we all know that the polyjuice potion brewed in the Hogwarts bathroom does not taste great. BUT you can make a really excellent cocktail with this recipe!

  • One part vodka
  • Two parts ginger ale
  • Couple drops of green food coloring
  • A scoop of lime sherbet

Add all ingredients to your cocktail shaker (find the perfect one here!) and shake shake shake.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione drinking polyjuice potion.

Harry Potter 2 Drinking Game Rules

Take a sip any time…

  • Harry puts on or takes off his glasses
  • Dobby says something vague or ominous
  • Ron makes a funny face
  • Someone says “brilliant” or “wicked”
  • Lockhart is unnecessarily arrogant
  • Someone says “chamber”
  • You hear Parseltongue, the snake language
  • Harry hears the mysterious voice
  • Fawkes screeches

Take a half shot or finish your drink when…

  • Someone gets petrified

A fun extra rule…

Some of you have probably seen this movie a hundred times. Every time you perfectly quote a character’s lines along with them, give out a sip to someone you’re watching with. If you’re tired of hearing your friend quote the movie, take a shot to make them shut up.

Are you watching this movie from under a cozy Hogwarts throw blanket? If not, why not?!

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