Portable growlers let you take drinks wherever you’d like, while retaining the cold and carbonation you expect from a great beer. You can fill one up at your local brewery and take it anywhere – hiking, a cookout, the beach, or even just to enjoy in your own backyard.

There are tons of great growlers out there, but we didn’t include any glass or pressurized options. You’re looking for a portable growler, and, well, glass is breakable, and pressurized growlers have delicate parts. We’re assuming you’re looking for a sturdy growler that you can throw in a car and take anywhere, without worrying about spills or breakage. Besides, if you’re going to the pool or the beach, you can’t bring glass anyway.

So this list is full of great, strong, metal, portable growlers that you can count on not to leak.

Tip for Keeping Beer Cold

When using a portable beer growler, there’s a simple trick that’ll make your beer stay colder even longer. Keep your growler in the fridge with the lid off for at least an hour before adding your beverage – that way none of the coldness of your beer will be lost cooling the metal in the growler. Alternatively, you could fill the growler with ice water before adding the beer to have the same effect.

(This concept is taken from the hot-soup-in-a-thermos trick. They say to always let hot water sit in your thermos before using it for hot soup. That way the thermos is already warm and doesn’t pull the heat from the soup.)

Best Portable Growlers for Keeping Beer Cold and Carbonated Anywhere You Go

Hydro Flask Beer Growler – Best for Longer Trips

Hydro Flask is known for making some awesome water bottles. But they’ve also got something for the beer-loving community. Their beer growler is double-wall insulated for maximum chilliness and has a sturdy handle that makes carrying and pouring a breeze. The cap is also specially made to retain as much carbonation as possible, meaning this is perfect for longer trips like camping. You can get this bad boy in 32 ounces (2 pint glasses) or 64 ounces (4 pint glasses) in a few different colors as well.

DrinkTanks multi-size Growlers – Best Seal

DrinkTanks is a popular growler brand, and for good reason. They are well made and have an excellent vacuum seal, perfect for keeping your beer as fizzy as possible. You can get this growler in 32 ounces, 64 ounces (pictured), or 128 ounces depending on how much beer you want to bring. If you want to really up your growler game, you can even get a keg cap accessory kit for the 32 ounce and 64 ounce options to basically turn your growler into a keg when you get to your destination.

Rtic 64 oz Jug – Best Handle for Carrying

Rtic is a great brand, and their jug made the list because it’s well-insulated and has a great handle. It’s got a soft grip, and the fact that it swings makes it really comfortable to carry. This makes it perfect for hiking, camping, or anytime you’ll need a portable growler.

Growlerwerks Ukeg Growler with Tap – Best Carbonation Retention

Growlerwerks makes an amazing pressurized growler, and this is kind of the lite version of that. With its patented carbonation system, this growler is great at keeping beer bubbly (and cold) for long periods of time. Plus the built-in tap makes it easy and fun to pour. It’s got a sturdy handle for carrying, but the tap system means this growler is a little less hardy than the others on the list. It’ll need to stay upright, unlike the others which could be thrown around without any problems.

Sendestar 64 ounce growler – Most Versatile

Not only does this growler come in ton of beautiful colors, but it is incredible versatile. It comes with two different lids – one that’s wide enough to fit ice cubes (if you want to chill your growler before putting beer in it), and one that is narrow and the perfect size for sipping and pouring. It also comes with a carrying pouch that has two handles so you can carry it either in your hand, over your shoulder, or across your body – whatever fits your preference.

For more info on growlers, see Growlers: Everything You Need To Know About Beer-On-The-Go

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