If you’ve seen Solar Opposites, you’re probably familiar with the hilarious variety of t-shirts sported by Terry. Some of them don’t make a lot of sense, which makes them even more comical. As an alien who crash landed on Earth, it’s quite possible that even he doesn’t know what they mean (I mean, we all remember the dig bicks sign, right?). 

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Below is a gallery of all the funny shirts worn by Terry in Solar Opposites. If you want to get in on the action, they’ve all been turned into real, purchase-able shirts by some clever people. 

In the first episode, Terry can be seen wearing a “Dick Wolf” t-shirt. Dick Wolf was the executive producer of Law & Order, but we think Terry probably just liked those two words.

Solar Opposites Terry t-shirt says butterbeer inspector.

Don’t we all wish we were a butter beer inspector! Written in the classic Harry Potter font, this shirt references the popular delicious wizarding world drink. If only Korvo had the chance to try some butter beer here on Earth, he probably wouldn’t be so eager to get that ship fixed.

Solar Opposites Terry shirt says it's a trap.

A random line from Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi“It’s a trap” – but written in both numbers and letters. Not sure if Terry’s ever seen Star Wars, but it’s cool that he’s channeling his inner Admiral Ackbar.

Solar Opposites Terry Shirt says Welcome Back Otter.

This “Welcome Back Otter” t-shirt is a fun play on the TV show “Welcome Back, Kotter,” a comedy about a high school teacher working with some troubled students. And the otter even looks like him! If you’re a fan of that show, or just want to wear a fun pun and match Terry, check it out here.

Solar Opposites Terry shirt says got dilf.

Well, we probably don’t need to tell you what this means! If only someone had told Terry. We love this play on the “got milk?” campaign, and you can get this fun shirt here.

Solar Opposites Terry shirt says bacon, lettuce, and tomato.

Ah, the man cave episode. So many great misunderstood stereotypes! This shirt is fun, but might we also suggest checking out the “dig old bicks” shirt 🙂

Solar Opposites Terry shirt says straight outta anime.

This “Straight Outta Anime” t-shirt is a play on the biographical movie “Straight Outta Compton,” but perfect for any anime lovers out there.

Solar Opposites is a hilarious show that captivated so many people, and part of the fun was the random little easter eggs thrown in by the creators. Terry had some great shirts in season 1 and we can’t wait to see what he’s wearing in season 2! If you wan’t to channel your inner Terry, or find a gift for a Solar Opposites fan, any of these shirts can be purchased from Teepublic here.

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