Grey’s Anatomy has been on air for a whopping 15 years and 17 seasons. This medical drama (and yes, there’s a LOT of drama!) has a cult-like following all over the world. Somehow Shonda Rhimes has managed to create a story and a cast of characters that we’ve all become attached to. So no matter what season you’re on (or how many times you’ve watched it!) grab a drink, grab your person, and enjoy this Grey’s Anatomy drinking game. 

Grey's Anatomy Meredith drinking from tequila bottle.

If you’re really feelin’ the Grey’s spirit, grab yourself some tequila – we all know it’s Meredith’s favorite!

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Grey’s Anatomy Drinking Game Rules

Take a sip any time a doctor…

  • Says “BP’s dropping,” “crash cart,” “he/she’s coding,” “you can close,” “push 1 of epi,” or “hang a unit of blood”
  • Gets any bodily fluid sprayed on them
  • Hooks up with someone in a closet or on-call room
  • Gets in an argument with another doctor
  • Checks their pager
  • Has an awkward elevator moment
  • Purposely stops the elevator
  • Has a drink at Joe’s 
  • Mentions addiction
  • Gets punched
  • Mentions Ellis Grey
  • Goes on a rant
  • Mentions having kids

Take a sip any time a patient…

  • Spills their life story for no reason
  • Says something that makes a doctor have an epiphany
  • Gives birth
  • Has a seizure
  • Has a foreign object in their body (bonus sip if it’s in their butt)

Take a shot or finish your drink any time…

  • Someone witnesses a tragedy on the way to work
  • A doctor dies, or almost dies
  • Someone calls someone else “my person”
  • You hear the song “Somewhere Only We Know” start to play… because you know what’s about to happen

Here’s a bit of a morbid one: whenever a patient is going in for surgery, take a guess at whether they’ll make it out alive or not. If you’re wrong, it’s a shot. 

Grey's Anatomy characters drinking at bar.
Image from Weekend Fat

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