Never miss out on an opportunity for a great drink with a portable cocktail bar! A portable cocktail bar set allows you to carry all the barware necessary to make delicious cocktails – anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re looking for something that comes with all the tools or not, room for alcohol bottles or not, here are the top portable barware sets to make you the person everyone wants to invite to the party.

4 Great Portable Cocktail Bar Sets

1. Best Insulated Travel Bar Set

This SKY FISH bartender kit is truly everything you could want in a portable bar. It comes with 13 tools, including a cocktail shaker, strainer, jigger, muddler, knife, cutting board, corkscrew, and more. There’s space for liquor bottles and food, and the insulated interior keeps everything nice and cool. The kit zips up tight, securing everything inside. And there’s a strap to make it super easy to carry. One of the coolest parts? There are built in speakers with Bluetooth capability.

Our recommendation is to use ice packs, rather than straight ice, to keep everything cool. This will prevent any melting and leaking. But if you’re going camping, hiking, on a picnic, or just need a nice outdoor travel bar set, this SKY FISH kit is a really great option.

2. Handy Over-The-Shoulder POrtable Cocktail Kit

Here is another portable cocktail bar that comes with room to add your favorite liquor bottles. In addition to the 3 bottle slots, this Jillmo kit comes with a ton of tools, including all the essentials: shaker, strainer, muddler, juicer, etc. And it’s all zipped up in an easy to carry case.

There’s also a zippered pouch in the back perfect for your cocktail recipe books. If you already have your own tools, you can purchase just the bag, instead.

3. Best Professional Portable Bar Tool Set

This set is a favorite among serious bartenders. It comes with 17 tools excellently packaged in a sleek cloth bag. There’s no space to carry the booze, but if you’re looking for the perfect bar tool set, this is the one. The barware comes in silver and a stylish copper color.

Mixology & Craft makes this cocktail tool set, so you know you’re getting some good, high-quality items. They’re a leader in all things barware. Check out more of their products here.

4. Great Bag-ONly Option

If you have all your own tools, and are just looking for a way to carry them, this backpack provides a great solution. It’s got 6 large interior slots so you can carry a cocktail shaker, liquor bottles, and glasses. And the outside zippered pouch will hold all of your other bar tools. The whole kit is nice and padded to protect its contents and make it comfortable for you to carry.

Other Items You Might Need

While most of these sets come with all the barware you could need, here are a few more items you should throw in there to make your life easier.

Collapsible Travel Cups

Most of these portable bar sets don’t come with cups, so here is a great solution. These silicon cups can collapse into small disks, perfect for slipping in small spaces. I personally have a few of these that I keep in random places – car, travel bag, etc. – because you never know when you’ll need a cup.

Bar Towels

These portable cocktail bars don’t come with towels, which is something we all know we need when making drinks. There will be spills! Grab a couple towels (ideally dark to hide stains) to throw in your bar kit, and you’ll thank yourself later.

Hopefully you find one of these sets to be a perfect option for your traveling bartending! If you’re looking for more barware information, check out this guide on all things cocktail shaker.

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