Emma Stone stars in this hilarious high school comedy, where a lie between friends becomes an out-of-control rumor that affects the whole school. Grab a drink and enjoy this Easy A drinking game!

Easy A Drinking Game Rules

Drink any time…

  • Olive uses a big word just for the sake of it
  • You see early 2000s phones
  • The religious crew does their kiss sign thing
  • Todd is given an animal epithet
  • The parents say something that annoys/embarrasses their kids
  • Olive is given some sort of payment
  • Olive has a new outfit with the Scarlet Letter
  • You cringe-laugh during the Melanie Bostic bedroom party scene

Easy A Fun Facts

  • As Olive mentions, an anagram for her first name is “I love.” But her last name, Penderghast, is also an anagram for “pretend shag” – which is what the movie is all about.
  • According to House of Names, the motto associated with the surname Penderghast around the 15th century was “Vincit Veritas” – or “Truth Conquers.” Pretty apropos considering that’s the big lesson Olive learned, and the reason she filmed the webcast.
  • All of Olive’s family members have food names. Her mom is named Rosemary, dad is Dill, little brother is Chip, and she apparently has an older brother named Kale. In the first version of the script, there was supposed to be a younger sister named Ginger. Sounds like a recipe for an interesting tapenade to us.
  • This happened to be the last time Amanda Bynes acted in anything.

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