Palm Springs is a hilarious comedy brought to us in the summer of 2020. It stars Andy Samberg, who we already know and love from Brooklyn 99 as well as Lonely Island music. In this movie, a time loop captures a few of the characters in the same day over and over – a wedding that neither really wants to be at. But hey, as long as everything resets each day, they might as well have some fun with it. Grab yourself a drink and enjoy your movie with this Palm Springs drinking game!

Palm Springs Drinking Game Rules

Drink 1 sip any time…

  • Someone drinks a beer
  • Someone wakes up
  • Nyles or Sarah talk about their previous life
  • Misty says something weird
  • Someone talks about selflessness

Drink 2 sips any time…

  • Someone dies
  • Roy shows up

Finish your drink…

  • For the explosion

What beer do they drink in Palm Springs the movie?

We see Nyles constantly drinking the same beer in his infinite time loop days. We first see it when he’s hanging out in the resort pool on his giant pizza floatie. But what is that beer? It’s actually a fictional beer created for the movie. We can see that the name says Akupara. The word Akupara references a tortoise in Hindu mythology that carries the world upon its shell.

Ancient Indian texts say “The sun is called akupara also, i. e. unlimited, because it is immeasurable. The ocean, too, is called akupara, i. e. unlimited, because it is boundless. A tortoise is also called akupaara, because it does not move in a well.”

So the beer that Nyles and Sarah drink every day represents their lives, which are “unlimited” and “immeasurable.” Pretty clever. If any brewery decided to create this beer for real, we’d definitely try it.

JK Simmons and Andy Samberg

It’s clear that Roy (played by JK Simmons) and Nyles (played by Andy Samberg) have a rocky relationship in the Palm Springs movie. But this wasn’t the first time the two acted together. They had actually once appeared as a father/son duo in the movie I Love You, Man. And JK Simmons made an appearance in Brooklyn 99 as a detective. It’s always interesting to see instances where two actors star in various films together – especially when they’ve got to act in such different relationships!

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