Among Us is a multiplayer game that has gained a lot of popularity recently. The premise is that the crewmates on the ship are trying to complete all tasks on the map (presumably for a safe take-off) while a number of imposters try to sabotage the ship and kill the crewmates. Crewmates win if they finish all the tasks before being picked off, and imposters win if they pick off enough crewmates. There’s a lot of trickery and deception in this game, so be on high alert! This Among Us drinking game may not lead to heightened senses… but it will add to the fun!

The games are relatively short, so people tend to play many in a row. For that reason, these rules are not designed to get you wasted in one game. Rather, it’s a little drinking spread over a longer time. 

If you’re playing with a group of friends, be sure to send them this link so everyone is on the same page about when to drink!

Among Us Drinking Game Rules

If you’re a crewmate:

Drink any time…

  • You complete a task
  • A meeting is called right before you complete a task
  • There’s a reactor meltdown
  • There’s an O2 leak
  • You eject a crewmate
  • Someone calls an emergency meeting
  • You find a dead body
  • You get killed
  • The crewmates win

Finish your drink if…

  • You lose because of a reactor meltdown or O2 leak

If you’re the imposter: 

Drink any time you…

  • Kill someone
  • Get a crewmate ejected (you sneaky thing)
  • Sabotage the reactor or O2
  • Evade a sticky situation by venting

Finish your drink if…

  • You sabotaged enough to win!
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Among Us Crossplay

Among Us makes it easy to play with your friends, whether they’re on PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile. To start a game across different types of devices is no different than starting a game on the same type of device – just send the 6-character code to your friends and they can join from whatever platform they prefer to play on.

Popular Settings for Among Us

Everyone may have a different opinion when it comes to settings, but here are some of the most popular settings we’ve seen so far.

  • Bigger games are often more fun. If you can get 10, that’s great! Small games have their place too, if you’ve got a smaller group of friends that you want to play with.
  • If you’re doing a smaller game, you’ll want a lower number of imposters. 5-7 people typically warrants just 1 imposter, whereas games with 8 or more people usually have 2 imposters. You can play with 3, but most people don’t. It’s just too many.
  • If you don’t turn the speed up to at least 1.25x, you will absolutely have people yelling in the chat for you to turn it up!
  • The default discussion/voting times are a bit too long. There’s often that one person who doesn’t vote and makes you sit there for 90 seconds. If you make discussion and voting each last around 30 seconds, you’ll have happier teammates.

How To Make Among Us Harder

Among Us game settings.

If you feel like you and your teammates have been breezing through the game, you can alter the settings to create more of a challenge. Below are some of the ways you can do this:

  • Make votes anonymous. Voting for certain people can sometimes put a target on your back, so making the votes anonymous levels the playing field for all voters.
  • Lower the discussion and/or voting time. This can create pressure to make decisions quickly.
  • Change vision amounts. You can lower crewmate vision (below 1x) and increase imposter vision (above 1.5x) to give crewmates a bit more of a handicap. Or, if you need to make it harder for the imposter(s), do the reverse.
  • If you need to make it harder for crewmates, decrease the kill cooldown and kill distance. If you need to make it harder for imposters, increase the kill cooldown and kill distance.
  • You can remove the task bar updates from the main screen. That’ll keep crewmates blind to how far they have progressed collectively through the game.
  • Remove visual tasks. Some tasks (like the medbay scan) show others that you are actually completing them. You can get rid of this alibi-creator by disabling visual tasks.
  • Change the number of common, short, and long tasks depending on whether you want to make it easier or harder for crewmates.

If you enjoy Among Us and this Among Us drinking game, you’re sure to like Overcooked! It also involves rapid task completion and teamwork. Plus it’s also got fun characters (like Fall Guys too!). Drinking games for both can be found here.

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