In this raunchy comedy, three 6th grade boys get a taste of the real world when they skip school, accidentally steal drugs, break into a frat house, mistake their parents’ sex toys for weapons… all in the name of love. Make this laugh-out-loud movie even better by drinking (or sipping) along with the beanbag boys in this Good Boys drinking game. 

Good Boys Drink Pairing

The drink pairing for this movie has got to be a bottle (or few!) of beer. If you haven’t seen the movie, you’ll get why later. Any beer will do (especially this craft beer); just don’t be a “sippy cup” and you’ll be fine!

Good Boys Drinking Game Rules

Drink anytime…

  • Someone says “bean bag boys”
  • One of the boys can’t open a pill bottle
  • One of the boys shrieks
  • The boys misunderstand what their parents’ sex toys are for
  • The girls show up
  • The boys talk about their friendship
  • Someone takes a sip of beer

We hope that this is you and your friends by the end of the Good Boys drinking game!

But as always, be responsible with your drinking. Make sure you know your limits and keep an eye on your pals. Feel free to exchange some of these drinks of alcohol for drinks of water. Better to get called a “sippy cup” than to not remember your night!

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