Ring of Fire Drinking Game Rules

Ring of Fire is a simple drinking game that can be played at any kind of party. All you need is a deck of cards, a can of beer, and 2 or more people. 

To start, you take a deck of cards and fan the cards out into an unbroken circle. Place an unopened can of beer in the center. Each person takes turns drawing a card and doing the corresponding rule, as explained below. After the turn is over, the person sticks the card under the beer tab. This continues until someone pops the tab. Whoever pops it has to drink it! Then you can start over with a new can of beer.

You also want to make sure you don’t break the circle of cards, a.k.a the “Ring of Fire.” If you pick up a card, and it leaves a gap in the circle, you’ve got to finish your drink. 

Alternate nameS: King’s Cup or Waterfall

You may hear the same game referred to as King’s Cup or Waterfall. These games all use the same rules, but in King’s Cup there is typically a cup of alcohol in the center rather than a can of beer. In this version, whenever you draw a king, you make a rule and pour some of your drink into the center cup. The last person to draw a king (so the 4th king) must drink the “King’s Cup.” Or, alternatively, the first person to break the circle of cards drinks it. 

If you want to try out a pre-made deck specially designed for this game, check out the deck below. The cards have the instructions on them, so you don’t have to remember anything (or argue about the rules), and the best part is the cards are water-proof. That DEFINITELY comes in handy with this game!

Easy Solution
Kings Drinking Game Playing Cards (Waterproof)

If you don't want to remember all the rules yourself, this deck will do it for you! With bold colors and whimsical images, it's a lot more fun than a regular deck.

We may earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at absolutely no additional cost to you.

The Ring of Fire drinking game rules for each card vary depending on who you ask. “House rules” always win out, so whoever’s house you’re playing at should have the ultimate say in what rule to use for each card. Below is a set of simple rules that most people use.

Ring of Fire rules.

2 = You

Choose who you want to take a drink

3 = Me

You yourself take a drink

4 = Floor

Last person to touch the floor drinks

5 = Guys

All men drink

6 = Chicks

All women drink

7 = Heaven

Last one to put their hands in the air drinks

8 = Mate

Choose a mate. Whenever you drink, they drink, and vice versa. If your mate already has a mate, you are now one long mate chain. 

9 = Rhyme

The card drawer says a word, and you go around the circle coming up with words that rhyme with that word. If someone gets stuck, they drink, and the turn is over. 

10 = Categories

The card drawer comes up with a category, and you go around the circle coming up with items in that category. (For example, if category is types of dog, people might say “poodle” or “rottweiler.”) If someone gets stuck, they drink, and the turn is over. More information on Categories (and fun category suggestions) can be found here.

J = Never Have I Ever

The card drawer starts a game of never have I ever. Start with 3 or 5 fingers up depending on if you have a smaller or larger group. The turn ends when someone has to put their last finger down, and that person drinks.

Q = Question Master

If you draw a queen, you are the question master. The question master can ask a question at any point, and everyone has to avoid answering it. If someone forgets the rule and answers the question, they have to drink. The question master can use this on people as many times as they want. Typically, to avoid losing, people will respond to the question master’s question with another question, Jeopardy style. (“Hey, what are you drinking?” “Hmm is it a holiday Shiner?”) Once someone draws the next queen, they take over as question master. 

K = Rule Maker

Whoever draws a king can make a rule that everyone has to follow. Examples include: not using anyone’s name, not saying sentences longer than 5 words, speaking in a weird accent, etc. If someone forgets to follow the rule, they drink. You can either end the rule when someone draws the next king, or let them all compound. 

A = Waterfall

Whoever draws the ace starts the waterfall. They start drinking, then the next person in the circle starts drinking, and so on. You can only stop drinking when the person before you stops. So once the card drawer stops, the next person can stop, and so on. More info on waterfalling can be found here.

Premade Ring of Fire Deck With Rules

Ring of Fire Rule Variations

Note: a common variation goes “4 = whores,” “5 = drive,” and “6 = dicks.” As expected, 4 means women drink and 6 means men drink. The drive rule means everyone holds up imaginary steering wheels and the card drawer turns either direction while saying “vroom.” The person they turned towards can either turn the same direction by also saying “vroom” or change directions by saying “skrrt.” This carries on until someone messes up the flow, and that person drinks. Other variations can be found here.

Can You Play Ring of Fire Online?

Yes! The team over at ringoffire.io has put together a virtual game so that you and your friends can play online from different places. The rules they suggest are a bit different than the ones above, but really you can use whichever rules you prefer.

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