We all loved our Saturday morning cartoons growing up, so why not enjoy them as an adult! Grab yourself a mimosa or bloody mary for this Spongebob drinking game.

Spongebob Drinking Game Rules

Drink 1 sip any time…

  • Spongebob annoys Squidward
  • Spongebob’s alarm goes off
  • Spongebob says “I’m ready!”
  • Spongebob says something in a singsong voice
  • Patrick says something dumb
  • Squidward looks depressed 
  • Squidward plays the clarinet
  • Mr. Krabs freaks out about money
  • Gary meows
  • Sandy says something really Texan
  • Ms. Puff says “Spongebob” in a frustrated or exasperated way
  • Plankton hatches a plan to steal the secret formula

Drink 2 sips any time… 

  • That fish says “my leg!”
  • The surfer fish laughs
  • Barnacle Boy says “it’s Barnacle Man!”
  • Mermaid Man says “eeevil!”
  • Spongebob’s pineapple gets destroyed
  • Someone gets injured in a way that would kill a normal person
  • There’s a fire underwater

When Spongebob laughs or cries, chug your drink or waterfall with your friends!

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