The first 2020 presidential debate, held on September 29, can best be described as a:

Train wreck gif.

If you were drinking along with the 2020 Presidential Debate Drinking Game, you were probably wasted after the first 2 minutes. We know we were. The rule about drinking for every interruption? Turned out to be a death sentence!

There were some pretty great and memorable presidential debate quotes coming from both Trump and Biden. Here’s a summary of some of the best.

Funniest First Presidential Debate Quotes

  • “You’re the worst president America’s ever had, come on” – Biden
  • “I’ve done more in 47 months than you’ve done in 47 years” – Trump
  • “Let him finish” – Wallace
  • “He doesn’t know how” – Biden
  • While licking his lips… “You’d be surprised” – Trump (we’re still traumatized)
  • “Keep yappin’ man” – Biden
  • “You were the lowest in your class. Don’t ever use the word ‘smart’ with me” – Trump (ouch)
  • “He’s Putin’s puppy” – Biden
  • “Maybe you can inject some bleach in your arm and that’ll take care of it” – Biden
  • “That was said sarcastically” – Trump (do we believe him? verdicts still out)
  • “We have the lowest carbon” – Trump
  • “He wouldn’t know a suburb if he took a wrong turn” – Biden
  • “We have the old slugs out there” – Trump (it was about cars… but still funny)
  • “We’ll create hard, hard, good jobs” – Biden (what exactly is a hard, hard, good job?)
  • “I can’t remember which of his rants to address first” – Biden
  • “He can’t remember much” – Trump
  • “I love counting my votes” – Trump

This was a pretty hectic presidential debate. I think we can all agree that Chris Wallace deserved a pretty stiff drink after this one! We’re sure more chaos will soon ensue with the 2020 Election Day drinking game.

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