The Halloween specials in these TV comedies are absolutely some of the best. If you want to do a spooky binge of some of your favorite shows, use this list to play some Halloween TV show drinking games!

Use this to quickly jump to the shows you want to see:

3o Rock
Bob’s Burgers
Grey’s Anatomy
The Office
Parks & Rec
American Dad
Brooklyn 99
King of the Hill
New Girl

30 Rock Halloween Episode

The cast of TGS is always in costume, but here are some of the more Halloween-themed episodes. Enjoy them with these 30 Rock drinking game rules!

  • S2 EP 2 “Jack Gets in the Game” (includes the incredible song Werewolf Bar Mitzvah by Donald Glover!)
  • S4 EP 3 “Stone Mountain”

American Dad Halloween Episode

American Dad gave us one Halloween episode, but it’s a pretty fantastic one. Drink along with these American Dad drinking game rules.

  • S6 EP3 “Best Little Horror House in Langley Falls”

Bob’s Burgers Halloween Episodes

In these episodes, Tina, Gene, and Louise are up to their usual antics… but in costumes! Use these Bob’s Burgers drinking game rules for Bob’s Burgers Halloween episodes.

  • S3 EP2 “Full Bars”
  • S4 EP2 “Fort Nite”
  • S5 EP2 “Tina and the Real Ghost”
  • S6 EP3 “The Hauntening”
  • S7 EP3 “Teen-a-Witch”
  • S8 EP3 “The Wolf of Wharf Street”
  • S9 Ep4 “Nightmare on Ocean Avenue Street”
  • S10 EP4 “Pig Trouble in Little Tina”
  • S11 EP4 “Heartbreak Hotel-oween”

Brooklyn 99 Halloween Episodes

If you’re looking to drink along to all the amazing B99 Heist episodes, use these Brooklyn 99 drinking game rules.

  • S1 EP6 “Halloween”
  • S2 EP4 “Halloween II”
  • S3 EP5 “Halloween III”
  • S4 EP5 “Halloween IV”
  • S5 EP4 “HalloVeen”
  • S6 EP16 “Cinco de Mayo”
  • S7 EP11 “Valloweaster”

Community Halloween Episodes

Spice up these Halloween episodes with these Community drinking game rules!

  • S1 EP 7 “Introduction to Statistics”
  • S2 EP6 “Epidemiology”
  • S3 EP5 “Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps”
  • S4 EP2 “Paranormal Parentage”

Friends Halloween Episode

This amazing show also only gave us one Halloween episode, but it’s one we love. Drink along with these Friends drinking game rules.

  • S8 EP3 “The One with the Halloween Party”

Grey’s Anatomy Spooky Episodes

There’s a lot of spookiness that goes on at this hospital, but here’s a list of some of the spookiest. Drink along with this Grey’s Anatomy drinking game.

  • S4 EP5 “Haunt You Every Day”
  • S10 EP7 “Thriller”
  • S15 EP6 “Flowers Grow out of My Grave”
  • S16 EP6 “Whistlin’ Past the Graveyard”

King of the Hill Halloween Episode

This one hilarious King of the Hill Halloween episode features the straight-laced Junie Harper and her crazy-anti-Halloween plans. If you’d like to make her head spin, drink along with this King of the Hill drinking game.

  • S2 EP4 “Hilloween”

The Office Halloween Episodes

The holiday episodes in The Office are some of the best, especially the Halloween episodes. Drink along with this Office drinking game!

  • S2 EP5 “Halloween”
  • S5 EP5 “Employee Transfer”
  • S6 EP8 “Koi Pond”
  • S7 EP6 “Costume Contest”
  • S8 EP5 “Spooked”
  • S9 EP5 “Here Comes Treble”

New Girl halloween Episodes

Here are some hilarious New Girl Halloween-themed episodes. Enjoy them with these New Girl drinking game rules.

  • S2 EP6 “Halloween”
  • S3 EP6 “Keaton”

Parks & Rec Halloween Episodes

We love Parks & Rec and we love their Halloween episodes! Drink along to them with these Parks & Rec drinking game rules.

  • S2 EP7 “Greg Pikitis”
  • S4 Ep5 “Meet ‘n’ Greet”
  • S5 Ep5 “Halloween Surprise”

Spongebob Halloween Episodes

Don’t be scared of the Hash Slinging Slasher! Drink along this Halloween with these Spongebob drinking game rules.

  • S1 EP13 “Scaredy Pants”
  • S2 EP16 “Graveyard Shift”
  • S8 EP10 “Ghoul Fools”

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