Wedding Crashers is a must-watch classic comedy. I mean, it’s got Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn, Rachel McAdams, Christopher Walken, Will Ferrell- what more could you ask for? Grab a drink and join Jeremy and John on all their misadventures with this Wedding Crashers drinking game!

Wedding Crashers Drinking Game Rules

Drink every time…

  • John or Jeremy lie about their identity (yep, every time – this alone might get you drunk!)
  • Someone says “babaganoush”
  • One of “the rules” is mentioned
  • Gloria says something insane
  • Sack is a jerk
  • Claire looks unhappy with Sack
  • Todd gives someone side eye
  • Someone talks about their job (real or fake)
  • Someone talks about sailing
  • There’s a gunshot
  • Kathleen, the secretary’s wife, gets flirty (finish your drink for the boob scene)

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Wedding Crashers Fun Facts

  • As we all know, Todd paints Jeremy quite a nude masterpiece. And when Jeremy leaves and Todd asks for it back, Jeremy says “The painting was a gift, Todd, I’m taking it with me.” In reality, Vince Vaughn (who played Jeremy) did keep the painting. We’re very curious if and where he has it hanging. Believe it or not, you, too, can have one for yourself – in canvas form OR puzzle form!
  • Sometimes it takes a lot of filming to get a scene right. In order to keep Rachel McAdams (Claire) smiling while she danced with Vince Vaughn (Jeremy) in the engagement party scene, Vince reportedly just said “fart” on repeat. Good co-star!
  • In Maroon 5’s music video for the song Sugar, Adam Levine and the crew show up unexpectedly at several weddings to do impromptu performances. They were apparently inspired by the movie Wedding Crashers.

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