King of the Hill takes place in the fictional town of Arlen, Texas (which was based off a real Dallas suburb), where neighbors gather to drink beer in the yard and the Super Bowl is a sacred holiday. This hilarious animated sitcom has some of the best running jokes and clever jabs. While playing this King of the Hill drinking game, we recommend you grab a beer (a 6-pack aught to do it!) so you’ll feel right at home with Hank and his pals.

King of the Hill Drinking Game Rules

Drink every time…

  • Someone drinks a beer
  • You see a farmers tan
  • Hank says “propane” (extra sip if he adds “and propane accessories”)
  • Hank says “that boy ain’t right”
  • Hank calls Peggy “Peg Leg”
  • Hank says “I’ll tell you hwhat”
  • Peggy talks about being a substitute teacher
  • Peggy mispronounces a Spanish word
  • Bobby makes a joke
  • Bobby admires his dad
  • Luanne makes Hank uncomfortable
  • Boomhauer says something unintelligible
  • Dale has a crazy conspiracy theory
  • Dale doesn’t notice an obvious sign that Nancy is cheating
  • John Redcorn visits Nancy
  • Bill says something depressing
  • Someone says “yyyep”
  • Cotton talks about WW2
  • Kahn is annoyed by Hank’s family

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