A group of awkward middle schoolers learns about life and love from ghosts, fuzzy hormone monsters, and their own incredibly cringey experiences. This irreverent show has been surrounded by a bit of controversy, but we think it’s pretty funny. So if you’re not easily offended, raise your glass to puberty and enjoy this Big Mouth drinking game!

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Big Mouth Drinking Game Rules

Drink any time…

  • Someone is confused about their relationship
  • A ghost gives advice
  • One of the hormone monsters convinces a kid to do something they regret
  • Andrew gets anxious about something
  • Nick’s height (or, uh, size) is referenced 
  • Coach Steve references his virginity
  • Jay gets… close… with an inanimate object
  • A couple kisses grossly
  • Bodily fluid (nuff said)
  • Jessi promotes feminism
  • Missy fantasizes about Nathan Fillion
  • The Shame Wizard, Anxiety Mosquito, or Depression Cat show up
  • Someone is embarrassed by their parents
  • The hormone monster’s “pets” appear

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