“I’m going on a picnic, and I’m bringing apples.” You might have grown up playing this game on the playground, on a road trip, or around a campfire. It’s a fun and easy game that requires nothing but your imagination and your voice. And that’s exactly why it makes a great drinking game. Whether you and your friends are at a bar or standing around at a party, this game can be played anywhere, any time, and with no cards or game pieces necessary. 

“I’m Going On A Picnic And I’m Bringing…” Recap

The traditional way to play this game is to pretend you’re going on a picnic. Everything you “bring” must follow alphabetical order. The first person says “I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing [something that starts with the letter A].” The second person repeats the phrase, but adds another picnic item that starts with the letter B. The third person repeats everything, adding on a letter C item. 

The game might sound like this:

  1. “I’m going on a picnic, and I’m bringing apples.”
  2. “I’m going on a picnic, and I’m bringing apples and bread.”
  3. “I’m going on a picnic, and I’m bringing apples, bread, and caesar salad.”

If someone messes up, they’re out of the game. The game continues until there is one remaining person, and they’re crowned the winner.

How To Turn It Into A Drinking Game

For more of an “adult” version, you can change the topic and assign drinks to the forgetful players.

Instead of a picnic, say “I’m going to a party and I’m bringing,” and list things you would bring to a party. It could be some sort of game, an alcohol brand, cocktail ingredients, etc. 

If someone messes up, or takes too long to answer, then they must drink, and the next person starts the list. In order to make the game fun but not go on forever, you can play with lives – i.e. everyone can make 3 mistakes before they’re out and must finish their drink.

You can make things a little trickier by instating a “no duplicates” rule. For example, if someone says they’re bringing Captain Morgan for C, then nobody can bring rum for R. Everyone’s got to bring something unique to the party! Just make sure nobody says alcohol for A, or the rest of the game will be a mess.

This is a great drinking game to keep in mind for times when you don’t have cards or a physical game to play. It’s entertaining and easy enough to learn on the fly. If you’re looking for another game like this, check out Cheers to the Governor.

“I’m going to a party” Drinking Game Ideas

When it’s your turn, use your imagination! Anything that fits into the “party” category is viable. You can come up with something easy, or stump your friends with something that’s hard to remember. Here are just a few ideas in case you need a jumpstart. 

  • A: apple cider, amaretto, absinthe
  • B: Bacardi, beer, bitters, bloody mary, Boodles gin
  • C: cider, cocktails, chasers, Captain Morgan, cherries
  • D: dice, daiquiri, dirty martini
  • E: eggnog, egg white, elderflower liqueur, espresso
  • F: Frangelico, fruit, fuzzy navel, Fireball
  • G: gin, garnish, Grey Goose, grenadine
  • H: hard cider, herbs, Harvey Wallbanger, highball glasses, horchata
  • I: ice, Irish coffee, Imperial
  • J: jello shots, Jägermeister, jalapeños
  • K: knife, kamikaze, Kool Aid
  • L: lemons, limes, liqueur, lager, ladel
  • M: mezcal, mixers, mint, martini glasses, mojito
  • N: napkins, negroni, nightcap
  • O: oranges, old fashioned, olives
  • P: playing cards, piña colada, port, PBR, pickle juice
  • Q: quaalude, quarters
  • R: rum, rosemary, root beer, rye, red wine
  • S: shots, simple syrup, sugar, salt, Scotch
  • T: tequila, Tom Collins, tiki torches, triple sec
  • U: umbrellas, UV, upside down cake
  • V: vodka, vermouth, Vesper
  • W: whiskey, wine, water, White Russian, white rum
  • X: XX (Dos Equis), xanthia
  • Y: Yuengling, youngblood
  • Z: Zombie, zebra cakes

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