We all love a good candle. They smell good, they’re comforting, and you can find one to match any scent preference you have. Everyone’s got their favorite cocktail – one that just tastes and smells so good! There are plenty of candles out their that mimic the smell of delicious alcoholic drinks that you’ll love having in your home. Here are some of the best cocktail scented candles out there.

Absinthe & Black Fig scented Candle

This candle is a great combination of strong and light scents. It’s been described as “sweet but with a dark side.” It’s one of the highest rated cocktail candles out there, and for good reason.

Bourbon, Neat Scented Candle

Bourbon, neat, but in candle form! With a sweet vanilla, caramel, and oak scent that is simply irresistible, this candle is perfect for any bourbon lover. This candle is unique because once you’ve used it up, the glass it comes in doubles as a rock glass that you can use for an actual bourbon neat.

Whiskey Sour Scented Candle

Here’s another favorite that also comes in a reusable rock glass. A sweet, but not too strong smell, reminiscent of a delicious whiskey sour.

Moscow Mule Scented Candle

This soy candle comes in a recycled wine bottle. It both looks and smells amazing. It’s hard to resist the sweet ginger smell of a Moscow mule!

Black Cherry Merlot

This candle is a little on the pricier side, but it’s enormous and smells amazing. Even better than actual merlot!

If you’re a both a cocktail fan and a candle fan, you’ll love these cocktail scented candles! There’s one out there for everyone, so take a look through all the scents and find the perfect fit. Perfect as a gift, but also perfect for a cozy time at home.

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