This fall of 2020 we get the pleasure of watching “Sleepy Joe” and the “Cheeto-in-Chief” battle it out on three different occasions. Be sure to plan ahead and ask your work if you can take off September 30, October 16, and October 23. Those aren’t the debate days… but the days after. We’ve made a brutal 2020-specific presidential debate drinking game because these nights will make you laugh, maybe even cry, but we’re here to make you drink. A lot. Drown out your 2020 woes with us on September 29, and come back on October 15 and 22 for an updated game!

UPDATE: After the first Presidential Debate, we counted that according to the rules, we had to drink 53 times for Trump and 55 times for Biden. It was close! And if you were playing with the rule about drinking for every time they interrupt each other… we’re sorry. You were probably wasted after 2 minutes. Don’t worry, we’re changing that rule. (Unless that’s what you need to cope with this mess. You do you.) Due to some shenanigans about how the second debate will be formatted, we’re not sure if there will be one. But we’ve updated the rules anyway for the next debate! Be safe and enjoy.

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Drink any time Trump…

  • Says “excuse me” or “believe me”
  • Brings up Hunter Biden
  • Mentions Obama
  • Makes the “okay” sign
  • Says “the China virus”
  • Talks about law and order
  • Mentions Antifa or the radical left
  • Says one of the following words: fake news, winning, loser, huge, tremendous, smart

Finish your drink if Trump…

  • Mentions African American unemployment

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Drink any time Biden…

  • Loses his train of thought
  • Has an angry outburst
  • Talks about his family
  • Trips over his words
  • Commits a gaffe
  • Says “here’s the deal”
  • Mentions Obama
  • Talks about the virus
  • Brings up Trump not respecting women

Finish your drink if Biden…

  • Mentions the “soul of the country”

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Take a drink any time either Trump or Biden…

  • Is thrown a softball question
  • Dodges a question and talks about something else
  • Talks over each other for at least 5 seconds
  • Talks about jobs or employment
  • Talks about the stock market
  • Waves their hands dramatically while speaking

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