World of Warships Drink Suggestion

Navy Grog
Tall Ship Appledore Rum.

Or, stay in theme with Tall Ship’s Appledore Rum! Fresh apples and maple make for a delicious combination in this spiced rum.

World of Warships Drinking Game Rules

Drink every time you:

  • Get a legendary achievement (kraken unleashed, dreadnought, etc)
  • Cause flooding
  • Cause a fire
  • Are set on fire or flooded after using damage control
  • Are damaged by aircraft
  • Damage someone hiding in smoke
  • Get damaged while hiding in smoke
  • Spot someone using radar or hydroacoustic search
  • Capture an objective
  • Get a hit to a citadel
  • Break an enemy’s primary turret

Finish you drink if you:

  • Ram someone
  • Are detonated
  • Kill someone with a devastating strike
  • Kill an aircraft carrier

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