Mario Party is a classic game that just never seems to get old. Throughout all the versions, from Nintendo, to GameCube, Wii, and Switch, it just keeps getting better and better. No matter which iteration you’re playing, here’s a Mario Party drinking game that’ll make it a little more interesting!

Mario Party Drinking Game Rules

  1. Take a sip at the start of every mini-game
  1. Take 1 sip for every coin you lose to other players
  1. Drink any time you…
  • Land on a red tile
  • Use equipment (mushroom, coinblock, etc.)
  • Lose a mini-game
  • Reach a star first
  1. Finish your drink if…
  • Bowser shows up
  • Someone steals a star from you
  • You reach a star, but can’t afford it
  1. Once per game, you can use a shot as a handicap! Take the shot before a minigame, and your opponents must wait 10 seconds before starting. 

As always, know your limits and drink responsibly! Definitely work some water into this Mario Party drinking game. And for more fun, check out the rest of the video game drinking games here.

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