Reality matchmaking TV shows have become quite popular – I mean we’ve probably all seen Love is Blind, Married at First Sight, or Marrying Millions at this point! There’s just something so entertaining about watching people put themselves in crazy, dramatic situations that happen to be way outside your comfort zone. And of course, you always hope your favorite person ends up happy. This show has its own little twist as it’s completely focused on Indian culture and arranged marriages (or, as Auntie Sima the matchmaker points out, they prefer to call them just “marriages” as opposed to “love marriages”). This Indian Matchmaking drinking game will have you sipping for all the weird, funny, sometimes frustrating things people say while they’re on their quest for the perfect match. 

Pour yourself a glass of wine, grab some liquid-nitrogen-cooled-foxnuts, and enjoy this Indian Matchmaking drinking game!

Indian Matchmaking Drinking Game Rules

Drink 1 sip every time…

  • The words “adjust,” “evolve,” “change,” or “compromised” are used
  • Someone talks about the “biodata”
  • Sima says someone needs to be more “open-minded”
  • Sima calls someone “fickle”
  • Sima talks about her own family
  • Someone says they want their match to be a certain age or height
  • Someone is called “auntie” or “uncle” even though they’re not related
  • Someone’s sibling gives advice
  • Someone talks about their culture
  • Someone talks about why they want a partner or why they chose to use a matchmaker
  • Aparna is called negative or picky (I mean… they’re not wrong)
  • Aparna says something that annoys you
  • Pradhyman talks about why he said “no” to someone
  • Vyasar laughs
  • Vyasar talks about movies, games, comic books – or they’re shown in his house
  • Akshay says he’s not in a rush to get married or doesn’t have preferences

Big gulp every time…

  • A new potential match is introduced
  • Someone’s parent comes up with criteria for their kid’s match
  • A date seemingly goes well

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