Channel your inner Linda with a fishbowl sized glass of wine, and enjoy this Bob’s Burgers drinking game!

Bob’s Burgers Drinking Game Rules

1. First, pick a random minor side character. It can be anyone – Marshmallow, Dr. Yap, Gayle, Ms. LaBonz, Darryl, Sergeant Bosco… there are plenty to choose from. If they show up in the episode you’re watching, you’ve got to finish your drink!

2. In addition, drink anytime…

  • Bob flips a burger patty
  • Bob pretends to be an inanimate object talking
  • Linda says “all riiight!”
  • Linda talks about drinking
  • Tina makes her nervous groan
  • Tina talks about butts
  • Louise hatches a plan
  • Gene makes a surprisingly mature joke
  • The kids make fun of Bob for being old, fat, or hairy
  • Teddy invites himself to something
  • Someone breaks out in song
  • Regular-Sized Rudy wheezes 
  • You see naked roller skating man
  • Andy and Ollie make you uncomfortable
  • Jimmy Pesto makes fun of Bob
  • Jimmy Jr. dances
  • Anyone talks about the burger of the day

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