Each year, the rejects and dropouts of previous Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons gather on a beach to get more Instagram follow- I mean, to find love. It’s awkward, it’s dramatic, it’s funny, and best paired with a stiff alcoholic beverage. Channel your inner Wells, make a killer cocktail, and enjoy this Bachelor in Paradise drinking game!

Bachelor in Paradise Drinking Rules

Drink any time…

  • Someone says “vibe” or “vibes”
  • Someone says “paradise” or “rose”
  • You see someone take a sip of alcohol
  • A new person shows up on the beach
  • Someone references drama that happened when they were on the Bachelor or Bachelorette
  • There’s a kiss
  • A scorned contestant just happens to see their person kissing someone else
  • People are gossiping behind someone’s back
  • “Can I just steal you for a sec”
  • Anyone mentions the heat, bugs, or other bothersome wildlife
  • Someone cries

Finish your drink if…

  • There’s a physical fight
  • An ambulance arrives

As always, drink responsibly, and that includes drinking lots of water when playing any drinking game! Be sure to check out our Bachelor and Bachelorette drinking games as well – updated for each new season.

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