Mad cow disease has turned the world into a mess of walking flesh-eating creatures. Except for our four heroes, traversing the country in search of Twinkies and anyone that’s not trying to eat them. This movie has got plenty of great drinking opportunities, so pour yourself a drink and enjoy this Zombieland drinking game!

Zombieland drinking gif Columbus throws shot out window.

Zombieland Drinking Game Rules

Starting strong! During the opening montage, take a sip for each new zombie scene.

Drink 1 sip any time…

  • You hear or see a rule
  • A zombie spurts blood
  • Columbus says something awkward
  • Tallahassee gets destructive
  • Anyone’s city name is said
  • Someone says “Twinkie”
  • Someone talks about life before Zombieland

Finish your drink for…

  • “Nut up or shut up”

Optional nut up or shut up rule: Take a sip for every gunshot. Yep, every one. We recommend making some of them water sips, but that’s just us.

As always, be safe and know your limits! For more fun movie drinking games, check out the rest here.

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