Cats and wine – two things that make our lives infinitely better! If you know someone who loves them just as much as we do, we’ve got the perfect gift guide to help you make their day. Below are some fun and thoughtful gifts for wine and cat lovers!

Best Gifts for Wine and Cat Lovers

1. “Need Wine Right Meow” Wine Tumbler

This tumbler is both cute and functional. Wine glasses are great, but this baby will keep your wine chilled AND prevent it from spilling. The writing is etched onto the tumbler, so you don’t have to worry about it fading. It comes in a variety of colors to make any cat and wine lover happy!

2. Funny Cat Wine Glasses

This is the ultimate gift for cat and wine lovers. Who wouldn’t love cute glasses with funny cat sayings on them! They each have a relatable phrase such as “I work hard so my cat can have a better life.” These glasses are high-quality, sturdy, and dishwasher safe.

3. Catnip Toys That Look LIke Wine Bottles

This may be more of a gift for the cat than the owner! But any wine fan will love sharing their favorite drink with their kitty at the end of a long day (even if it is a fake wine bottle!).

4. Minimalistic Cat And Wine Mug

Cute and simple, any cat and wine fan will thoroughly enjoy drinking their morning coffee out of this mug.

5. Playful Cats and Wine Sweatshirt

These playful little kitties make for a great cozy sweatshirt! Check out a bunch of other cute cat & wine sweatshirts HERE.

6. Kitty WIne Bottle Holder

This sweet cat is strong enough to hold a whole bottle of wine for you! Certainly a conversation starter, this bottle holder will look great on a kitchen counter or bar cart.

7. Cat Wine Stopper

This pretty kitty is perfect for saving that last little bit of wine! The #1 thing you need in a wine stopper is a tight seal, and this product delivers. (We’d say the second most important thing is a fun design, and this checks the box there too.) You can buy this cat wine stopper in either silver or gold.

8. Cute Wooden Cat Signs

I mean, it’s true, isn’t it?

9. “All I Need Are Wine & Cats” Tote Bag

Also true! This fun tote bag is sturdy enough to be used as a purse or to carry groceries home (including wine, of course).

10. Elegant Cat Wine Glass Markers

These elegant little cat charms will help guests tell their wine glasses apart.

11. Wine Cats Book

Believe it or not, some of our favorite wines are brought to us with the help of winery cats! Wine Cats features 90 wineries from all over the world and the kitties who work there (and when we say work, we mean wander around and ask for scratches). This would make the perfect coffee table book for anyone who loves wine and cats.

12. Cat Cork Holder

This kitty is hard at work holding corks from your favorite wines. There’s a circular opening in the back where you can pop corks in (around 40 will fit) as you finish a bottle. A great display piece, as well!

13. Dish Towel With Cats and Wine

Relatable, right? This dish dowel will look great hanging in a cat lover’s kitchen. And at $8, it’s a very affordable and useful gift.

14. Cat Corkscrew and Bottle Opener

Functioning as a foil cutter, corkscrew, and bottle opener, this cat is all you need to get the party started.

15. “Time for a Chardonnay?” Cat PIllow

Just a cute little throw pillow to grace the couch of anyone with a love for cats and chardonnay.

16. Funny Cat Coloring Book

Something fun to do on a chill night in! Your friends will love breaking out the wine and getting down to business with some colored pencils and this hilarious cat coloring book.

We hope these fun gifts for wine and cat lovers have given you some inspiration for the upcoming holiday. For other gift ideas for your drink-loving friends, check out these wonderfully unique cocktail shakers!

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