With a band of misfits thrown into weird situations episode after episode, this show is just perfect for a drinking game. So grab your favorite drink and enjoy these Community drinking game rules!

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Community Drinking Game Rules

Drink any time…

  • Jeff hits on someone
  • Jeff talks about his law career
  • Pierce mentions his seven marriages
  • Pierce gives bad advice (double sip if Pierce actually helps someone)
  • Britta is called a buzzkill
  • Britta gets competitive
  • Troy tries to act tough
  • Troy cries
  • Troy and Abed have a moment
  • Abed says “cool”
  • Abed acts like he’s in a movie
  • Annie stresses out about school
  • Annie tries to be assertive
  • Someone talks about Annie’s boobs
  • You see the Human Being mascot
  • Shirley says “Oh, that’s nice”
  • Shirley talks about Christianity
  • Any of the main characters hug (take a shot or finish your drink if they kiss)
  • Chang laughs
  • Vaughn says something three times
  • The dean tries to get students involved in something
  • The dean hits on Jeff
  • Someone dances
  • One of the main characters goes out of their way to help another

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Be safe, drink plenty of water, and keep it cool cool cool cool! You can check out the rest of our drinking games for TV shows here.

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