Who knew a movie about a cartoon rat could be so heartwarming? Or make you so hungry?

As Remy and Linguini take you on a hilarious culinary tour of France, grab some wine (or have it delivered to your door in 30 minutes), and enjoy this Ratatouille drinking game!

Ratatouille Drinking Game Rules

Drink any time…

  • The ghost of Gusteau pops up
  • Remy sniffs something
  • Remy almost gets stepped on
  • Linguini flails 
  • Someone says “anyone can cook”
  • Someone yells “rat!”
  • Skinner freaks out about something
  • A chef is chopping or ladeling

Ratatouille Fun Facts

If you’re enjoying this Ratatouille drinking game, you’re in good company! This is our site’s most popular movie drinking game.

Out of every Pixar movie, Ratatouille has the highest Metascore (96!)

The animators went to impressive lengths to better understand the subjects they were animating. For example:

  • They kept pet rats for over a year so they could intimately understand the movements of fur, tails, nose, etc.
  • They observed how several different foods looked while rotting so they could create an accurate compost pile.
  • They actually had someone put on a chef outfit and jump in a swimming pool so they could observe what chef clothing looks like when wet.
  • They spent time with a real chef in his restaurant to understand the nuances of chefs’ work. They also studied an Anthony Bourdain book. This led the animators to capture special details that made legendary chef Bourdain claim he thought it was the best food-related movie ever made. In an email, Bourdain said “The tiny details are astonishing: The faded burns on the cooks’ wrists. The ‘personal histories’ of the cooks…the attention paid to the food…”

There is an actual restaurant in Disneyland Paris inspired by the movie. It is called “Le Monde de Rémy” (The World of Remy), and is not your typical park food – it was established with the help of Paul Bocuse, a very influential French chef.

Ratatouille Easter Eggs

Near the beginning of the movie, when Remy is navigating France via the sewers, a shadow of a dog is seen barking. This dog was Doug from Up, a movie that was still in production at the time.

The famous Pizza Planet truck, seen in every Pixar movie, appears on the bridge over the river.

John Ratzenberger, the only voice actor to have a part in every Pixar movie, voices Mustafa. It’s hard to recognize him though as he puts on a French accent.

A cockroach from WALL-E can be seen on the wall of Linguini’s apartment.

We get a glimpse of The Incredibles logo on Linguini’s boxers as he attempts to hide Remy in his pants.

Several of the products and labels in Ratatouille were references to actual people who worked on the show. For example:

  • “Chateau-Bird Champagne” can be seen, named for the Director Brad Bird
  • “Lasseter Cabernet Sauvignon” is shown, named for the Executive Producer John Lasseter

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