Young Sheldon is the prequel to The Big Bang Theory, featuring the lovable, socially-unaware, know-it-all Sheldon Cooper as a kid. Not all TV show spinoffs are successful, but this one is truly hilarious! Drink along with the Coopers with this Young Sheldon drinking game.

Young Sheldon Drinking Game Rules

Drink any time…

  • Sheldon corrects someone
  • Sheldon doesn’t understand normal social behavior
  • Anyone is exasperated with Sheldon
  • Mary mentions god or religion
  • George talks about football
  • Missy says something sarcastic
  • Connie is a bad influence on the kids
  • Connie and George insult each other
  • Dr. Sturgis is just as clueless as Sheldon
  • Tam complains about his family
  • A teacher talks about their personal problems

Finish your drink if…

  • Sheldon is actually empathetic and kind to someone

What beer does George drink in Young Sheldon?

Seeing as George is a portly beer-loving man, there are certainly a lot of jokes at his expense. He is often seen drinking Lone Star beer, which is an actual company based in Texas. Mary even hints that George drinks enough Lone Star to keep them in business.

As always, when drinking, know your limits and drink plenty of water. For more fun, check out the full list of TV show drinking games here!

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