The Office drinking game: because we know you’re drinking and watching The Office anyway!

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The Office drinking game rules:

Drink 1 sip any time…

  • Michael does an impression
  • Michael makes someone uncomfortable
  • Michael references his “relationship” with Jan
  • Dwight mentions the beet farm
  • Dwight gets competitive
  • Dwight claims to be “Assistant Regional Manager”
  • Jim does his half smile at the camera
  • Jim pulls a prank on Dwight
  • Pam helps Jim pull a prank
  • Pam answers the phone with “Dunder Mifflin, this is Pam”
  • Jim and Pam have a moment, before they’re together
  • Angela mentions her cats (extra sip if it’s Sprinkles)
  • Oscar or Angela disapprove of something
  • Kevin does his weird smile
  • Stanley makes it clear he doesn’t want to be there
  • Meredith mentions sex or alcohol
  • Toby looks sad
  • Creed make a confusing statement
  • Ryan makes it clear he doesn’t give af
  • Kelly rambles about fashion, relationships, or pop culture
  • Phyllis shows her sassy side
  • Bob Vance mentions Bob Vance Refrigeration
  • Darryl messes with Michael
  • Roy is a douche 
  • Andy gets irrationally angry
  • Erin talks about adoption
  • Gabe is timid or awkward
  • Jan dismisses Michael
  • David proves himself as a good guy

Drink 2 sips any time…

  • Someone says “That’s what she said”
  • Someone looks at the camera
  • Someone clearly wants none of Michael’s antics
  • Mose appears awkwardly and quietly 

Take a shot or finish your drink when…

  • It’s pretzel day
  • Prison Mike comes out
  • Threat Level Midnight is mentioned in an episode

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Erin from The Office asking for another alcohol.

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