This is probably our longest drinking game ever, but The Office deserves nothing less! Enjoy all the pranks, each awkward moment, and every “that’s what she said” with these 35 Office drinking game rules.

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04/28/2024 03:28 pm GMT

The Office drinking game rules:

Take a sip any time…

  • Someone says “that’s what she said”
  • Someone looks directly at the camera
  • Michael does an impression
  • Michael makes someone uncomfortable
  • Michael references his “relationship” with Jan
  • Dwight mentions the beet farm
  • Dwight gets competitive
  • Dwight claims to be “Assistant Regional Manager”
  • Jim does his half smile at the camera
  • Jim pulls a prank on Dwight
  • Pam helps Jim pull a prank
  • Pam answers the phone with “Dunder Mifflin, this is Pam”
  • Jim and Pam have a moment, before they’re together
  • Angela mentions her cats (extra sip if it’s Sprinkles)
  • Oscar or Angela disapprove of something
  • Kevin does his weird smile
  • Stanley makes it clear he doesn’t want to be there
  • Meredith mentions sex or alcohol
  • Toby looks sad
  • Creed makes a confusing statement
  • Ryan makes it clear he doesn’t give af
  • Kelly rambles about fashion, relationships, or pop culture
  • Phyllis shows her sassy side
  • Bob Vance mentions Bob Vance Refrigeration
  • Darryl messes with Michael
  • Roy is a douche 
  • Andy gets irrationally angry
  • Erin talks about adoption
  • Gabe is timid or awkward
  • Jan dismisses Michael
  • David proves himself as a good guy
  • Mose appears awkwardly and quietly 

Take a shot or finish your drink when…

  • It’s pretzel day
  • Prison Mike comes out
  • Threat Level Midnight is mentioned in an episode

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Erin from The Office asking for another alcohol.

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