The Great North is one of the newest animated TV sitcoms to come from Fox. There’s only one season out, but that’s enough for a drinking game!

About The Show

The Great North is very reminiscent of Bob’s Burgers and Central Park, as they share the producers Loren Bouchard and the Molyneux sisters, and, presumably, the same animators. It’s gotten positive reviews so far, which is great because we’d love to see this show succeed!

The show centers on a big family living in rural Alaska and all the antics that come along with that. You’ve got the dad, Beef Tobin, who raises the family alone because his wife ran away to Pennsylvania (although he still worships her fur bikini and likes to pretend she was eaten by a bear). 

Then you’ve got the kids: Wolf (and his fiancé Honeybee from the faraway land of Fresno), Ham (who seemingly comes out to his family often), Judy (who might remind you of Missy from Big Mouth), and Moon (so far the most brave and put-together of the Tobins).

The best part of the show so far? Beef, the dad, is voiced by none other than Nick Offerman. That’s right – the beloved Ron Swanson is finally living his dream of living off the land. And he’s got a rad name befitting his carnivore lifestyle. Nick’s real-life wife makes some voice appearances as well. 

Oh, and Alanis Morisette shows up as Judy’s unexplained imaginary friend in the sky.

The Great North Drinking Game Rules

Drink any time…

  • Beef tries to get the family to do something together
  • Judy talks about growing up
  • The mom’s “bear accident” is referenced
  • You see the fur bikini
  • Wolf tries to appease someone
  • Honeybee goes with the flow
  • Ham’s resourcefulness comes in handy
  • Someone says something very rural-Alaska-y
  • Alanis Morisette provides snarky advice
  • Grandma is mentioned

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