Superstore is really underrated comedy. It’s something you don’t hear people talking about all that much… so we’re glad you’re here, watching Superstore, looking for a fun drinking game for it! They’ve just announced that it won’t be renewed for a 7th season, but at least we got 6 great years out of this show. Grab your Cloud 9 brand boxed wine and enjoy this Superstore drinking game!

Who’s Who in Superstore?

  • Ben Feldman as Jonah (might recognize him from Silicon Valley, also a fantastic sitcom)
  • America Ferrera as Amy
  • Mark McKinney as Glenn
  • Colton Dunn as Garrett
  • Nichole Sakura as Cheyenne
  • Lauren Ash as Dina
  • Nico Santos as Mateo
Amy from superstore drinking gif.

Superstore Fun Facts

  • The running raccoon joke throughout the show was actually inspired by a raccoon problem they had on the soundstage of the set.
  • The show was filmed in a functioning K-Mart, and the checkout lanes were actually operating.
  • Both Cheyenne and Mateo’s real-life counterparts applied to Target to study what it was like to work in retail. Both were rejected.

Superstore Drinking Game Rules

Take a sip any time…

  • Jonah desperately seeks approval
  • Amy does something selfish
  • Amy wears a nametag with someone else’s name on it
  • Jonah and Amy have a moment
  • Garrett says something snarky
  • Garrett makes an announcement over the loudspeaker
  • Glenn is overly positive about something bad
  • Dina gets serious about the store or security
  • Dina talks about her birds
  • Cheyenne gossips about someone
  • Mateo acts like he’s better than everyone
  • Someone tells Sandra to shut up

Big sip any time…

  • Someone talks about Corporate (extra sip if they call Corporate)
  • Everyone is gathered in the break room
  • A customer is seen doing something weird
  • Someone’s family member shows up
  • The racoons are mentioned

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