Snowpiercer is an HBO TV series based on a movie of the same title. Like in the movie, the world has become an icy wasteland after scientists accidentally froze everything in an effort to combat climate change. Now the world’s last remaining humans circle the world in a perpetually moving train. And this train is certainly no Polar Express! Secrets and depravity abound on the Snowpiercer. Grab your drink and check out the full list of Snowpiercer drinking game rules.

Wilford Industries hoodie from snowpiercer.

Snowpiercer Drinking Game Rules

Drink 1 sip any time someone says…

  • “Tailie” or “tailies”
  • “Revolution”
  • “1001” 
  • “The engine”

Big sip any time…

  • Melanie speaks for Mr. Wilford
  • A passenger speaks highly of Mr. Wilford or the sacred engine
  • Someone screams Layton’s name
  • A clue is passed to or from the tail
  • A first class passenger says something classist 
  • Someone eats really eagerly
  • You see or hear about some kind of torture or abuse
  • Someone looks out the window
  • There’s a flashback


  • While you see the outside of the train

Finish you drink when…

  • Someone says “You have the train”

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