Silicon Valley is one of our all-time favorite sitcoms. What other show would actually bother to publish a 12-page scientific paper on the most efficient method to stimulate an entire male audience? Enjoy all the cringey moments, failed business ideas, and incubator bonding with this Silicon Valley drinking game!

Silicon Valley Drinking Game Rules

Drink anytime…

  • Richard embarrasses himself (this alone will get you wasted)
  • Richard barfs
  • Erlich does drugs
  • Erlich proves he sucks with investments
  • Erlich and Jian-Yang butt heads
  • Gilfoyle mentions Satanism
  • Gilfoyle and Dinesh compete against each other
  • Dinesh doesn’t get the girl
  • Bighead is holding a Big Gulp
  • Bighead is confused about his own life
  • Jared references his sad or sketchy past
  • Jared mentions his friendships with old people
  • Gavin’s employees suck up to him (extra drink when you can tell they hate him)
  • Monica is exasperated with someone
  • Someone says something inappropriate in front of kids
  • The guys play Always Blue 
  • You see something ridiculously characteristic of Silicon Valley

Take a shot anytime something potentially really good suddenly goes really bad

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