Cocktails, Lambos, Botox, $40 million houses… drink to the crazy lifestyle and endless drama with this Selling Sunset drinking game!

Selling Sunset Drinking Game Rules

Drink any time…

  • Someone almost trips in their high heels
  • One of the group members talks behind someone’s back
  • Someone finds out the group talked about them behind their back
  • Someone days “hi babe!”
  • Christine flips her hair
  • Christine mocks or mimics someone 
  • Chrishell smiles and sighs at the same time
  • Chrishell talks about her husband Justin
  • Maya talks about Miami or her family
  • Maya has a witty one-liner 
  • Heather gets defensive about her relationship
  • Mary tries to avoid conflict and drama
  • Jason or Brett flirt with or touch one of the women
  • Someone mentions Jason and Mary’s previous relationship
  • You see crazy long nails
  • You see the pups
  • Someone talks about Botox or fake boobs

Hardcore rule:

  • When someone does a house showing, chug 1 second for every million it costs. You can maaaybe skip this rule for the $40 million house!

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