It’s hard to deny how entertaining this show is. It may be a little over dramatic and cheesy at times, but it’s also insanely binge-able. These high schoolers constantly find themselves involved in some crazy stuff, from serial killers, to corrupt politicians, cults, drug trade, gangs, and more. We’ve got no idea how they even find time to do their school work.

If you want to want to spice up your next rewatch, we’ve created a Riverdale drinking game that’ll work for any season. So grab a drink (or have one delivered in the next half hour) and enjoy!

Riverdale Drinking Game Rules

Drink any time…

  • Someone is wearing an outfit that you definitely couldn’t have worn to your high school
  • Any of the guys are shirtless (and, of course, ripped)
  • Betty’s hair isn’t in a ponytail
  • Betty thinks about her darkness
  • Jughead narrates to himself
  • You see Jughead without his hat
  • Jughead ponders being different
  • Archie tries to be a hero
  • Archie talks about what he wants to do with his future
  • Veronica says “my father” (extra sip if she says “daddy”)
  • Veronica calls Archie “Archiekins”
  • Veronica plots against Hiram
  • Hiram plots against Veronica
  • The Lodge’s flaunt their wealth
  • Betty calls Veronica “V,” or Veronica calls Betty “B”
  • Cheryl says something that sounds like it’s out of the 1800s
  • Cheryl calls Betty “cousin”
  • Someone talks about finding a clue
  • Any of the characters are eating at Pop’s (bonus sip if there’s a dramatic showdown there)
  • Kevin goes cruising
  • A serpent says something threatening, or gets threatened by another gang
  • Someone gets beaten up
  • Someone references a villian (i.e. Black Hood, Gargoyle King, Dodger)
  • You realize how crazy these kids’ parents are (but on the flip side, take a sip any time Archie’s dad is an awesome parent)
  • Someone mentions becoming mayor
  • Riverdale High’s principal butts in to something

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