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Parks And Rec Drink Pairing

Undeniably one of the funniest Parks and Rec episodes is the one where Tom convinces the whole office to spend an evening at the Snakehole Lounge. They all get wasted on “Snake Juice,” which Donna describes as basically rat poison. As Tom’s says, it’s made by mixing “a bunch of alcohol together, some sugar and coffee, and some other junk, and it kinda tastes like Kahlua.” It may sound like a disaster, but if you’re feeling bold, whip up some Snake Juice and enjoy this Parks and Rec drinking game!

Parks and Rec Leslie Snork Juice Gif.

Parks and Rec Drinking Game Rules

Drink any time…

  • Leslie talks about or eats waffles
  • Leslie gives Ann an elaborate nickname/compliment
  • Ron avoids divulging personal information
  • Jerry trips or farts
  • Ron talks about meat or whisky
  • Ann uses her nursing skills to help a parks & rec employee
  • Ann sighs or rolls her eyes
  • Ben mentions his love of calzones 
  • Ben pretends to like Lil Sebastian 
  • April tries not to laugh/smile
  • April acts as Tom’s wingwoman
  • Donna references her luxurious lifestyle
  • Andy acts like a child
  • Andy is rude to Kyle 
  • Tom comes up with a business idea on the spot
  • Tom makes up a word for an inanimate object
  • Chris runs into or out of a scene
  • Chris talks about Dr. Richard Nygard
  • Redundant Perd is redundant
  • Joan Callamezzo is drinking
  • Someone is confused by Gayle’s hotness
  • You see a Tammy (extra sip if Tammy 2 is naked)
  • A Pawnee citizen yells at Leslie for doing her job
  • Burt Macklin and/or Janet Snakehole interacts with an unsuspecting person
Parks and Rec Ron dancing gif.

We hope this is you by the end of the night! But as always, drink responsibly, watch out for your friends, and hydrate hydrate hydrate!

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