If iCarly was a part of your childhood, then you’re probably pretty excited about Netflix’s newest releases. The first two seasons of iCarly were recently added, ahead of an iCarly reboot coming to Paramount Plus later this year. Yes, the show is coming back! Supposedly Carly, Freddie, and Spencer will return, but we’ll likely be missing Sam. 

So while you reminisce with the original show, grab a drink and enjoy this iCarly drinking game! We’ll have to see how many of these rules hold up for the reboot.

iCarly Drinking Game Rules

Drink any time…

  • Sam hurts someone
  • Sam mentions food or being hungry (extra sip for meat)
  • Freddy fawns over Carly
  • Spencer does something that makes you question why he was left in charge
  • “iCarly” is said
  • There’s a countdown
  • Sam pushes a sound effect button
  • Any of the trio gets in trouble at school
  • There’s a spoof of another company (i.e. “PearPod”)

Chug when…

  • Freddy’s mom is unreasonable
  • Lewbert shrieks
  • Gibby says “Gibbehhhh”
  • The butter sock makes an appearance

So you think you’re a big iCarly fan. But are you a big enough fan to hang THIS on your wall?

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