Everyone loves a good home renovation show. There’s just something so satisfying about seeing people take a run-down old home and turn it into something new and beautiful. Whether you’re watching on a weekend night with friends, or a casual Saturday morning with a mimosa, here’s a drinking game that’ll work for any home renovation show you watch. And if you’ve got a friend or significant other who doesn’t typically like these shows, playing this drinking game will surely change their mind!

Most people are familiar with the big HGTV shows – Property Brothers, Hometown, Fixer Upper, House Hunters, etc. – but there are endless shows featuring people buying and flipping houses. We’ve made rules that will work universally across any of them. So put on your favorite reno team, grab a drink, and enjoy this home renovation show drinking game!

Drinking Game Rules for any Home Renovation Show

1. Alright, let’s do some starter drinks based on what kind of renovator team you’re watching. 

  • Married couple renovators = 1 sip
  • Sibling renovators = 2 sips
  • Friend renovators = 3 sips
  • Parent/child renovators = 4 sips

2. If the homeowners are deciding between multiple houses, take a guess at which one they’ll pick. Finish your drink if you’re wrong!

3. Sip any time…

  • They find termites, bees, or animals living in the house
  • They find water damage
  • You think “why the heck aren’t they wearing gloves?”
  • Something dramatic is said right before a commercial cutaway 
  • They “open up the space”
  • Someone gets excited about hardwood flooring
  • They subtly (or not-so-subtly) promote another company
  • They call the house by a name (i.e. “the Sanders house”)
  • You get annoyed by the homebuyers’ demands and displeasure at everything
  • Someone thinks a room is too small
  • Anyone talks about: shiplap, backsplash, tongue and groove, granite countertops, the fireplace, open concept, built-ins, or curb appeal 
  • Two people disagree on something 
  • They do a blindfold reveal for the new homeowner (bonus drink if the homeowner screams) 

4. At the end of the episode, if they reveal the profit they made on the house, give yourself one sip for every $5k they made in profit. 

If the show you’re watching has gotten you inspired, and the alcohol has made you feel like you, too, can transform your home with your own two hands, you might enjoy checking out Houzz for some cool DIY renovation ideas. Save some plans for later, but don’t pick up a hammer if you’re hammered 🙂

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