If we lived in the Good Place, we’d have Janet bringing us cocktails all day long for this Good Place drinking game. How about a molotov cocktail inspired by Jason? Not a fiery explosion kind, but a fiery tasty kind!

Molotov Cocktail Recipe

  • 1 oz fireball whiskey
  • 1 oz spiced rum
  • 4 oz coke
Jason  Mendoza molotov cocktail gif.

Good Place Drinking Game Rules

Drink anytime…

  • A curse word is censored (mother forkin’ shirt balls!)
  • Someone calls for Janet
  • Eleanor talks about food (extra sip if it’s shrimp)
  • Tahani makes a humble brag
  • Chidi mentions a long-dead philosopher
  • Chidi faces a decision 
  • Michael gets excited about something human
  • Jason mentions the Jacksonville Jaguars or yells “Bortles!” (extra sip if it’s because he’s blowing something up)
  • Janet says she’s not a human, or not a robot
  • Derek says “Derek”
  • Someone mentions the Bad Place
  • You see a demon in their true form

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