Friends is one of those feel-good shows that never seems to get old. It’s got that nostalgic 90s feel and is chock full of funny moments. Everyone seems to have a “background show” that they put on when doing things around the house – and for many people that show is Friends. So whether you’re having a chill night in, or watching the show with some pals, pour yourself a drink and enjoy this Friends drinking game!

Gif of Chandler from friends talking about alcohol.

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Friends Drinking Game Rules

Drink any time…

  • Chandler says something sarcastic
  • Chandler emphasizes a word
  • Chandler embarrasses himself in front of a woman
  • Phoebe says a weird made up word (floopy is by far our favorite)
  • Phoebe sings a pretty terrible song
  • Rachel mentions Barry
  • Rachel doesn’t know how to do something
  • Joey says “how you doin’”
  • Joey flirts with a random girl
  • Joey mentions his sisters
  • Joey misunderstands something
  • Ross mentions dinosaurs
  • Ross gets made fun of 
  • Ross’s divorces are brought up
  • Monica is being a neat freak
  • Monica is cooking
  • Monica’s former fat self is mentioned
  • Monica gets competitive
  • Ross and Monica have a fight
  • Carol’s lesbian-ness is mentioned
  • Gunther says something creepy
  • Janice says “Oh. My. God”
  • You see the monkey, or someone mentions the monkey

Big gulp any time…

  • A family member of the gang shows up in an episode
  • There’s a famous guest star

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Rachel from Friends asking for more alcohol.

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