This new sitcom, starring Lily Collins, was met with pretty mixed reviews. To be fair, the main character Emily can be a bit insufferable at times (crazy big opportunities just seem to rain down upon her, don’t they?) but it’s a heartwarming story and has its funny moments. There’s also something a little bit relatable about Emily’s misadventures and awkward situations she finds herself in. So, whether you’re on a re-watch or watching it for the first time, pop a bottle of champagne and enjoy this Emily in Paris drinking game!

Is this show a groundbreaking masterpiece? No, not at all. But are we sad we have to wait for the next season? Yes, yes we are. While it’s been criticized for being unrealistic, (the French stereotypes, the inexplicable rise to influencer status), the Hollywood Reporter summed it up best when they described it as an “Immensely watchable schadenfreude.” (To be fair, I had to look up schadenfreude, which is “enjoyment derived by someone from another person’s misfortune,” and basically explains the whole appeal of the show.) It’s fun, it’s entertaining, and sometimes it can do us a little good to get carried away by something so ringarde 🙂

Plus, Pierre Cadault cracking a tray of crème brûlée with the back of a spoon to cheer himself up is a forever mood.

Emily in Paris drinking game rules

Drink 1 sip any time…

  • Emily doesn’t understand French culture
  • Emily’s enthusiasm is met with disdain
  • Emily references a movie
  • The coworkers make fun of American culture
  • Someone doesn’t take Emily seriously
  • Someone, even more shockingly, takes Emily very seriously
  • Acquaintances somehow run into each other in the large city of Paris 
  • Mindy references the zipper empire
  • Camille is oblivious about Emily and Gabriel
  • There is a new ridiculous hat

Big gulp any time…

  • You see Emily’s ever-increasing follower count
  • Emily has an angry outburst
  • Someone says “merde”
  • Someone drinks alcohol

Need Emily’s awesome retro-camera phone case?

As always, drink responsibly, and don’t be afraid to turn some of these alcohol sips into water sips! And be sure to check out the rest of our TV show drinking games.

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