Drake and Josh only ran for 3 years, but it gave us some of the most hilarious TV moments. I mean, how many times have you said “pip pip da doodely do” for no good reason? If you want a blast of nostalgia, all the episodes are available on Hulu, so queue them up and enjoy this Drake and Josh drinking game!

Drake and Josh Drinking Game Rules

Take a sip any time…

  • Drake or Josh says “hug me brotha!”
  • Josh repeats a word loudly for emphasis… EMPHASIS!
  • Josh mentions Oprah
  • Drake talks about his band or guitar
  • Drake hits on a girl
  • Megan plots a prank
  • Megan gets away with a prank
  • Drake or Josh tells Megan to get out of their room
  • Megan calls Drake or Josh a boob
  • There’s a movie with a funny name
  • Walt talks about his job
  • Helen clearly prefers Drake over Josh
  • Ms. Hayfer clearly prefers Josh over Drake
  • Anyone says “brother”

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