If you’re looking for the toightest Brooklyn 99 drinking game out there, you’ve come to the right place. Kudos to you for being so smort. Drink along with the whole squad as they fight crime and occasionally each other and also sometimes inanimate objects. 

Brooklyn 99 Drinking Game Rules

Drink anytime Jake

  • References Die Hard
  • Talks about his daddy issues
  • Smiles through an awkward situation

Drink anytime Amy

  • Sucks up to Holt
  • Gets turned on by an organizational tool

Drink anytime Charles

  • Says something inadvertently sexual
  • Corrects someone’s pronunciation of Nikolaj
  • Obsesses over Jake

Drink anytime Captain Holt

  • Smiles
  • References a perceived celebrity that no one has heard of
  • Delivers an unexpected insult

Drink anytime Terry

  • Talks about yogurt
  • Refers to himself in the third person
  • Talks about being a dad

Drink anytime Rosa

  • Shows an unexpected soft side
  • Is violent towards an inanimate object

Drink anytime Hitchcock or Scully

  • Mentions their love of sitting
  • Eats something or laments over lost food

Drink anytime Gina

  • Dances and/or references her dance troupe
  • Gets out of doing work
  • Seems to be omnipotent

Drink twice anytime

  • Someone says “title of your sex tape”
  • You see one of the squad’s family members
  • Someone is disarmed
  • One of the squad comes up with a cool one-liner after busting a criminal
  • Doug Judy flirts with Rosa
  • Rosa or Amy stands up for one another
  • Jake or Charles comes up with a duo nickname
  • Someone insults Wuntch, the Vulture, or firefighters

If you’re not up to Four Drink Amy by the end of the episode, then start another episode and play again! Or check out the full list of TV show drinking games.

As always, be safe, drink plenty of water, and keep an eye on your friends.

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