Are you into twerking on the walls in public and singing about your work poops? Do you enjoy admiring angel-like asses and have feverish FOMO? Does moonlighting as a ’20s jazz singer and eternally searching for a perfect 10 party sound like your jam? If so, grab your pussy weed and some stolen bottles for this Broad City drinking game!

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Broad City Drinking Game Rules

Drink any time…

  • Abbi and Ilana smoke weed or drink together
  • Abbi and Ilana lament about money
  • Ilana makes Abbi uncomfortable with her love
  • A stranger leaves an encounter with Abbi and Ilana exasperated or angry
  • Ilana overshoots her woke-ness
  • Ilana talks about her vayinya
  • Abbi gets flustered around Jeremy
  • Lincoln makes a dad joke
  • Melanie is referenced but not seen
  • Bevers does something gross

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As always, be sure to drink plenty of water with this Broad City drinking game! For more great TV show drinking rules, check out the full list here.

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