The newest show to have taken Netflix viewers by storm is none other than Bridgerton, a 19th century romantic comedy drama. (Is rom-com-dram a word?) With an anonymous writer following the elite and publishing the day’s latest happenings and scandals, this show is a bit like if Gossip Girl were set in the 1800s. Raise a glass and enjoy this Bridgerton drinking game!

Bridgerton Mug: Lady Whistledown's Society Papers

Channel your inner Lady Whistledown and enjoy your coffee or tea out of this Bridgerton-themed mug!

Bridgerton Drinking Game Rules

Take 1 sip any time…

  • The queen engages in gossip or meddles in someone’s life
  • Daphne despairs at having decisions made for her
  • Eloise proves to be a feminist
  • The Duke is called a rake
  • A woman says she wants more from life than marriage
  • Someone is mean to Penelope
  • Marina’s “situation” or “condition” is referenced
  • Lord Featherington is weirdly apathetic
  • Lady Danbury spits some no-holds-barred truth

Take 2 sips any time you see…

  • A hairstyle that looks more like a basket
  • Over-the-top mutton chop facial hair
  • A string quartet playing
  • A deliciously huge platter of food
  • The Queen’s precious pups

Take 3 sips any time…

  • A pop songs plays only in strings
  • There’s secret tension between Daphne and Simon
  • The ruse fools someone
  • A scandal is revealed

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