Of all the animated family sitcoms out there, American Dad is one of the best. It focuses on strait-laced CIA agent Stan Smith, his wife Francine, anti-government daughter Hayley, and nerdy son Steve. And we can’t forget their secret alien and their talking goldfish. This hilarious cast, and the antics they get up to, makes for a great American Dad drinking game!

American Dad Drinking Game Rules

Drink any time…

  • Stan abuses his CIA powers
  • Stan says something bad about his family
  • Steve gets rejected by a girl
  • Steve sings
  • Roger says something sexual
  • Something weird comes out of Roger’s body
  • Hayley complains about the government 
  • Hayley acts lazy
  • Francine talks about being a housewife
  • Principal Lewis says something inappropriate in front of the kids
  • Klaus is neglected
  • Jeff annoys someone 
  • Someone references another one of Roger’s personalities
  • Anytime a gun is pulled out (+1 if the gun is shot)
  • Someone drinks alcohol

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