30 Rock is one of those hilarious sitcoms that’s up there with The Office and Parks & Rec. (At least in our opinion!) It’s a show that you can watch over and over and still laugh at. This 30 Rock drinking game will have you drinking to all the funny character quirks, so grab your favorite cocktail and enjoy!


30 Rock Drinking Game Rules

Drink any time…

  • Liz eats something
  • Liz does not have her life together
  • Jack yells “Lemon!”
  • Tracy references one of his pets
  • Jenna sings in public to everyone’s chagrin
  • Kenneth alludes to his immortality
  • Liz mentions ham or cheese
  • Jack pours a drink
  • Jack says “Good God”
  • You notice one of Frank’s new hats
  • Toofer alludes to his alma mater
  • Cerie implies that Liz is old
  • Pete complains about his wife or children
  • Dr. Spaceman gives medical advice that you would not follow
  • Dennis calls Liz “dummy”
  • Anyone mentions Liz’s love life
  • Liz says “blerg” or another made up word

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