Four Corners (sometimes called Beer Ball) is a fun party game for four people. It’s fast-paced and active, so make sure all players still have most of their wits about them when they start! Below are the objectives and rules for the Four Corners drinking game.

What you need for four corners:

  • A table
  • 4+ unopened cans of beer
  • 1 ping pong ball

A multi-purpose beer-pong table can be used for Four Corners

How to win:

This game is won when a team out-drinks the other team by fully finishing their beers first.

Four Corners drinking game rules:

  1. Each player begins with an unopened can of beer. This is a chugging game – so a lighter beer or cider is easier! Teams stand on opposite ends of the table facing each other, with their beers in front of them on the table corners.
  2. The first player throws the ball and attempts to hit an opponent’s beer can. If they don’t hit, the ball goes to the next team. If they do hit:
  3. Whoever’s beer can was hit has to run and grab the ball. They throw it to their teammate who must touch the ball to their own beer can and say “stop.” 
  4. While this is going on, the throwing player can chug their beer until the moment the defending player yells “stop!”
  5. The turns alternate between teams in this fashion: first person from team A will go, then first person from team B, then second person from team A, then second person from team B, and repeat.
  6. If you think your beer is completely empty, you can do a “flip test” by holding the can upside down for 5 seconds. If anything drips out, you have to get a brand new beer and start all over. But if nothing drips, you’re done! It’s up to your teammate to finish. 
  7. You can attempt to knock an opponent’s beer off the table and onto the ground. If you’re successful, they have to get a new beer and start over. That person can attempt to save themselves by catching the beer can, though, as long as they catch it below the table.
  8. Keep going until one team has fully finished their beers!

Four Corners can get messy if a beer is knocked off the table, so it’s a great game to play outdoors or in a garage. Or just be sure to have some towels on hand. It’ll also have you running all over the room, rather frantically, so make sure there are no breakables or sharp objects around!

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